New Approach for EHR Documentation

NewsSpringdale AR – December 15, 2011 – Valadoc has introduced a new medical profession, “Medical Coordinator,” to respond to the challenge faced by physicians implementing EHRs. It is well-known that implementing an EHR can be devastating to productivity for several months. Even after the system is fully learned, physicians need to spend considerable time entering data after hours in order to see the same number of patients as before the EHR. Valadoc trains Medical Coordinators (MCs) to handle the documentation, along with coordinating encounter-related workflow – thereby freeing up the doctor and increasing, rather than decreasing, productivity. Because an MC makes it unnecessary for the doctor to become proficient in point-and-click data entry, the MC also streamlines the EHR training and implementation phase.

Valadoc trains transcriptionists and other medical professionals to become MCs, skilled in the many tasks that make clinical encounters more efficient. Operating from a remote location with a multi-function workstation, MCs listen into clinical encounters via a secure 2-way audio system with a muting option. Trained to be expert in the EHR and in accurately recording the salient clinical facts from live audio transmissions, they perform codified and narrative data entry in real time. As the patient communicates the History of Present Illness, the MC documents the relevant information. When the physician performs the Physical Exam, s/he calls out the findings, so that the MC can enter them into the appropriate fields of the EHR. Same for the Assessment and Plan. The data “magically” appear on a screen in the exam room, which can either be an iPad or a large monitor.

An MC allows physicians to focus on the patient, rather than on entering data into a computer. Patients appreciate the greater eye contact and healthier interaction with a doctor who is not distracted by the pressure of data entry. Documentation performed by an MC is typically superior to what the physician could have accomplished, and it is performed in real-time by a focused documentation expert. As a result, the physician can see more patients each day with less effort – at least doubling the financial return on the MC investment.

“The Medical Coordinator has transformed my practice of medicine,” said Stephen Carter, MD, a family practitioner at Morrilton Clinic in Arkansas, “and the process was very easy to implement. Documentation accuracy and comprehensiveness is excellent, thanks to the MC’s expertise and focus. I believe the quality of my care has actually been enhanced now that I am freed from data entry, and there is no question that productivity has dramatically increased. The positive impact kicked in from the first day my MC was on the job. I am now able to see an additional patient every hour, and I leave for home much earlier. My patients are pleased that my attention is never distracted by data entry. And my MC ensures that everything I need is in place, often reminding me of important responsibilities. Valadoc’s powerful MC Training Program converted a medical transcriptionist into the most valuable employee in my practice.”

“Valadoc is dedicated to making EHRs become a rewarding and productive experience for physicians,” stated Valadoc’s founder and CEO, William Kendrick, MD. “Our Library of Interactive Tutorials provides MC trainees with simulated practice in performing this challenging responsibility, so that they are highly proficient from the first day on the job. We help our clients find and recruit their MCs; we train the MCs with real-life encounter Tutorials and a virtual internship; we Certify the trainees; and we provide ongoing guidance to ensure optimal performance in documentation, coding, and workflow coordination.”

Valadoc-trained Medical Coordinators can be hired directly onto the staff of a physician practice, or their services can be acquired through one of Valadoc’s service partners.

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