Doctor and PatientSolution

When clinicians document into an EHR, they suffer a substantial loss in productivity (and income). Additionally, their attention is focused on data entry, distracted away from the patient. By removing this documentation burden, Valadoc enables physicians to enjoy practicing medicine again – becoming both more efficient and more effective. Medical Coordinators (MCs) are trained by Valadoc to become experts in EHR documentation and in managing encounter workflow


MCs listen to the encounter from a remote location, via a secure microphone system, entering the appropriate data from what they hear the patient and physician say. The data “magically” appear on the monitor in the exam room, in real time. When the encounter is finished, the physician simply reviews and authenticates the chart. Valadoc provides a powerful (patent pending) training program, which produces MCs who are highly efficient and accurate in EHR documentation and clinical-encounter coordination.