Looking for a new career, which utilizes your valuable knowledge of medical terminology and clinical process? A career that will enable you to survive and prosper in the Age of EHRs and Speech Recognition? Becoming a Medical Coordinator will position you for an exciting position, actually performing the clinical documentation into an EHR. You will be your physician-partner’s most valuable staff person, making an important contribution to the quality and cost effectiveness of healthcare.

eLearningTrainees are first educated on the functionality of the EHR with which they will be working. Then they need to learn how to perform the documentation from just listening into the encounter. The core of Valadoc’s MC Training Program is a library of interactive, audio-visual Tutorials, which enable you to practice on real clinical encounters -- simulating what will be your actual challenge. It takes about 3 weeks of training to become sufficiently proficient. Valadoc then conducts Certification Testing, to verify that you can handle the documentation and other encounter-related tasks accurately and in real time. After becoming familiar with the physician’s practice style and preferences, you are ready to perform real-time EHR data entry from a remote location -- streamlining and improving patient care.